How M$B began

In July 2004, The Entertainment Consultants collaborated with U.S producers and created an all-girl, all-Australian cabaret show customized specifically for the American market. Within months, they secured a seven month contract in Las Vegas. Advertised on cabs, in magazines and on billboards the Aussie girls soon became the “IT” girls of Las Vegas. Co-producer and founder of The Entertainment Consultants, Angela Mogridge, realized that there would be no better place to stimulate concepts for her next project than right there amidst the most innovative entertainment in the world.

Back home in May 2005 and inspired by hip burlesque shows like The Pussycat Dolls, The Entertainment Consultants created The Million Dollar Babes concept- something completely unique in Australia. Two hundred professional singers and dancers auditioned. From that, a cast of ten of the hottest singers, dancers were selected. This elite group became the Million Dollar Babes- a world-class contemporary cabaret show to tour Australia and internationally, performing at the hottest nightspots, celebrity parties and exclusive corporate events.

But it hasn’t always been bright lights and glamour…they started out rehearsing on the roof top of Angela’s City apartment in Queensland almost every night and relocated to the garage in the basement when it rained.

What do the M$B do?

The Million Dollar Babes is a select group of professional singers & dancers who perform as a contemporary cabaret show, a cover band and a high energy dancer group. Based in Australia, they perform live all over the country, tour internationally and guest star everywhere from film clips, to prestigious corporate events, to exclusive celebrity parties. The Million Dollar Babes have become known worldwide as “Australia’s hottest singers and dancers”.

Their trademark style is sexy, sophisticated, funky and sassy. The feel of the stage show is characterized by a fusion of mesmerizing live singers vibrant costume themes, diverse beats, cheeky audience participation, and high energy choreography. Customized for the tone of each event, the M$B show is dynamic and lends itself to almost any venue.